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Connecting the dots is something we do every day.  World complexity has many of us wondering, “How do things work?”  I constantly hear, “Things are different now” or, “Things are different this time.”  When I take time to investigate; it is amazing how many things have not changed.  Are we disguising something old as something new?   Could it be that many things have remained the same?   Example: “Has basic human nature changed?”  Please join me on a journey to accelerate Time-to-Knowledge (#AccelT2K) and Time-to-Understanding (#AccelT2U)  looking through FOUR LENS and using the foundation of storytelling.

The Equation of Luck is a lens for personal achievement.  It supports our fulfillment desire.  It is based on personal direction development, assessment, translation, internalization, execution, and monitoring.  It differentiates goals from fantasy and turns fantasies into goals; both essentials of life.  After all, “Fantasies are goals that have not yet happened!” It combines your personal vision, personal mission & purpose, sharing, and learning.  A personal purpose map neatly captures your Equation of Luck.

The Money Tree is a lens for personal financial well being.  It removes the fear of managing money with three building blocks to achieve personal financial well being: Generating positive cash Flow, Accumulating wealth, and Protecting what you have!    A Personal Budget and Personal Financial Net Worth Statement neatly capture the Money Tree elements.

Common sense is held in high regard yet cannot find identity.  Definitions span generations with unresolved arguments brought about by learned and intelligent people.  The Common Sense secrets of life is a lens for learning and survival.  It is our human judgment.  I have not developed and have not found a neat package to capture its elements, but we know it’s here with us.

Humanity is a lens for building character.  Humanity is sometimes defined as those things human and character is deemed the distinguishable feature for individuals.  Does this mean in aggregate individual character may construct our humanity?  It represents all of us.  The neat package that captures and connects all the elements is us.

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