Purpose Drives us to Drive Ourselves

Many times during my post career years I have been asked, “So, Richard what are you doing these days?” I too have

lives; the Information Age ushered in the efficient economies of fast and inexpensive data.

In the twilight years of my life I am a Driver in the 21st Century Knowledge Age. Data and information are omnipresent and inexpensive. Let them know you’re thinking about https://type-writers.com/article-writing/ them and that you’re always available; Interpreting and constructing new Knowledge will be the key to our current evolution. This key rests in the palms of our children. Because I have no children many have asked me what will I leave behind; my legacy?

My answer is and will always be, “Helping others learn-to-think. accelerating time-to-knowledge. ”

R. Y. Okumoto