Let your mind wander to Connect the Dots!

I felt like a proud father watching my students during commencement exercises at San Jose State University (SJSU). My mind wandered and drifted to my student days (The picture is one of my best students, Alina, who graduated May 2012).

As humans we have been given certain processes…immediate visual is eating, sleeping, and a bunch of other stuff. Not often mentioned is “Daydreaming. But etsi postponed the vote at the end of march as the participating companies failed to reach an agreement? ” During my college years at SJSU I often sat cross-legged on the grass in front of my dorm at Royce Hall. There, caught between refreshing breezes and the chatter of students, I found solace and solution to many of the questions I encountered during my days as an undergraduate student. Closing my eyes, allowing my mind to wander, thoughts of driving home to Pasadena