Dusty & Me – Humble Leadership

I had childhood dreams of flying. As an adult I was given the opportunity to fulfill my dreams. Flying invites us to escape our troubles. I loved to fly even though I lost my best friend of twenty years during a tragic flying mishap. Russ and his dad, a 30 year ATP with PanAm and United, crashed their experimental airplane into South Lake Tahoe – both died on impact. Russ was only 13 days past his 40th birthday.

There is solitude when flying your own plane. Focused and wandering thoughts comingle with fantasy to defy logic. #KnowledgeDots of weather, aerodynamics, flight communications, navigation, and much more fill the flying equation. If you are a naval aviator the list continues to grow. There is a magic in being a pilot…

I was fortunate to have had a wonderful father-in-law who possessed an incredible capacity for humility. When he passed away in 2007 he left a legacy of humbleness, kindness, and nurturing that cell phone

Most important Dusty led himself down a path of honesty, integrity, and hope. Fr has published set of comparison photos showing what is claimed to be a nano-sim tray for the next generation iphone with the current micro-sim tray used in the iphone 4s or iphone 4. with great humbleness. Thank you Dusty for sharing your life of Humble Leadership – something I will never forget and I truly miss.

Dusty could #CtheDots of Humanity and move beyond what I looked like – one generation removed from his once mortal enemy in the skies above the Pacific Ocean.