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What my Mom Taught Me at Age 10

“Being Scared is No Excuse for Being Stupid” – Special Blog for Mother’s Day 2012

Dad was crippled in an auto accident shortly after my 10th birthday. The two day period following his accident witnessed the process of collecting pieces of our family’s financial puzzle. Were Mom’s actions based on instinct?

I asked Mom about her course of action, “Mom, how did you know what to look for? How did you determine where to start? How did you organize the information? How did you know

staying warm or being out in the cold. You don’t need to be prying or invasive to show that you’re there for somebody. ”

She later told me that it is common sense to sell those things that are not a necessity in life so that you can buy those things that are necessary; food and shelter. She made this very clear to me; understand your need versus your wants. She emphasized that common sense will enable you to learn and survive and don’t rely on someone else to do this for you.


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Who Said Baby Boomer Moms are Out-of-Touch?

I was sitting in the waiting

have red marks where her fingers gripped my hand and taught me a valuable lesson. Sometimes those small cries for help are attempts to see if anyone is actually listening?

“You’re never too old to have a personal strategy, pursue lifelong learning, and believe in the Equation of Luck. “