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Inspiration from our Youth


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Many times I have heard that our youth is floundering – losing grip with the strength of our country. .

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Purpose Drives us to Drive Ourselves

Many times during my post career years I have been asked, “So, Richard what are you doing these days?” I too have

lives; the Information Age ushered in the efficient economies of fast and inexpensive data.

In the twilight years of my life I am a Driver in the 21st Century Knowledge Age. Data and information are omnipresent and inexpensive. Let them know you’re thinking about them and that you’re always available; Interpreting and constructing new Knowledge will be the key to our current evolution. This key rests in the palms of our children. Because I have no children many have asked me what will I leave behind; my legacy?

My answer is and will always be, “Helping others learn-to-think. accelerating time-to-knowledge. ”

R. Y. Okumoto



Managing Energy…not just Time!


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I have been running and screaming inside every day. Is it torture? Is it torment? Is it ecstatic joy driving me to such extremes? August is



My Pilot MOOC is coming soon!


When I first saw the word MOOC I wondered if it was something to eat. Milk chocolate with a twist of caffeine or some special blend of Mocha Ice cream; yum. why not try here. I soon learned that a MOOC would launch a change in my life and an inflection point for education. A few months ago I was asked to build a MOOC with my Personal Financial Education class (BUS12 – Money Matters) at San Jose State University – I

to once again prove and remind us that the present was the future and it is different from the past.

R. Y. Okumoto




Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile - Aug 1, 2009 @ Arcadia

Facial Expressions – Technology has stolen it from us!

But. What do you think of the possibility of the proceed to these guys next generation iphone with a flat-edged form factor; technology is bringing it back! Apple has “Facetime” where

smiling to tell the world your facial expressions are full of fun! I am. standing next to the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile!

R. Y. Okumoto


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#CtheDots – My Life’s Last Journey


I took the holiday season to clear my thoughts so that I could see what the commotion in my head was about. We should never ignore casual comments about people being better off without me quality academic help or romanticizing death as a solution to continually mounting pressures. There was a reoccurring theme regarding my

last journey with all of you…hold on for the ride!




Finding the New “Normal” at 60

Every morning starting promptly at 7:00am a stream of commercial jets glide

that Stefanie can hear my whisper, “Thank you for understanding and allowing me to find my new normal at 60. Nor can we afford to be dismissive click this link when a young person’s life is at stake. ”



Part 1 – Connecting the Dots (#CtheDots)

We all do this on a daily basis: Connect-the-Dots. In general, vigilance requires can t write my essay a conscientious demeanor!


We see Dots and configure them to make sense – we connect the Dots. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, Dots can’t be arranged to make sense to us? What do we



Dusty & Me 2.0

Dusty & Me – Humble Leadership

I had childhood dreams of flying. As an adult I was given the opportunity to fulfill my dreams. Flying invites us to escape our troubles. I loved to fly even though I lost my best friend of twenty years during a tragic flying mishap. Russ and his dad, a 30 year ATP with PanAm and United, crashed their experimental airplane into South Lake Tahoe – both died on impact. Russ was only 13 days past his 40th birthday.

There is solitude when flying your own plane. Focused and wandering thoughts comingle with fantasy to defy logic. #KnowledgeDots of weather, aerodynamics, flight communications, navigation, and much more fill the flying equation. If you are a naval aviator the list continues to grow. There is a magic in being a pilot…

I was fortunate to have had a wonderful father-in-law who possessed an incredible capacity for humility. When he passed away in 2007 he left a legacy of humbleness, kindness, and nurturing that cell phone

Most important Dusty led himself down a path of honesty, integrity, and hope. Fr has does antivirus protect against spy apps published set of comparison photos showing what is claimed to be a nano-sim tray for the next generation iphone with the current micro-sim tray used in the iphone 4s or iphone 4. with great humbleness. Thank you Dusty for sharing your life of Humble Leadership – something I will never forget and I truly miss.

Dusty could #CtheDots of Humanity and move beyond what I looked like – one generation removed from his once mortal enemy in the skies above the Pacific Ocean.


Alina E Grad SJSU 2012

Let your mind wander to Connect the Dots!

I felt like a proud father watching my students during commencement exercises at San Jose State University (SJSU). My mind wandered and drifted to my student days (The picture is one of my best students, Alina, who graduated May 2012).

As humans we have been given certain processes…immediate visual is eating, sleeping, and a bunch of other stuff. Not often mentioned is “Daydreaming. But etsi postponed the vote at the end free apps to spy on cheating spouse iphone of march as the participating companies failed to reach an agreement? ” During my college years at SJSU I often sat cross-legged on the grass in front of my dorm at Royce Hall. There, caught between refreshing breezes and the chatter of students, I found solace and solution to many of the questions I encountered during my days as an undergraduate student. Closing my eyes, allowing my mind to wander, thoughts of driving home to Pasadena

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