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“Those who can retain their dreams through the many ordeals of life will be the creative geniuses of tomorrow. ” ~ R. Y. Okumoto

From humble immigrant roots in Southern California; R. Y. Avoid the bystander effect by presuming that somebody else is already on essay writing website the case. Okumoto found identity during his thirty plus year career in the Silicon Valley technology industry. Working his way up the ranks R. Y. became a chief financial officer for several publicly traded technology companies, a division general manager for two companies, and a chief executive officer for a privately-held technology company. R. Y. was initiated into the industry while working for the grandfather Silicon Valley Company of paved his way to teach in the Lucas Graduate School of Business (MBA Program) at (SJSU) where he achieved the status of Master Teacher. At SJSU

upon what is important?” Our grandparents and parents saw the world of horse carriages to supersonic air travel and voice extend beyond yelling distance to anywhere in the world. What have we seen? Could it be the growing unpopularity or loss of common sense or humanity? Could it be an alternative to personal achievement through hard work? Or, could it be the elevation of greed which created a growing income and financial net worth disparity? This begs the question, “Are we doing the right things?”


Accelerate time-to-knowledge and connect-the-dots (#CtheDots) in life.

Climbing a mountain of disparate data and information has become the norm and quite overwhelming. Does it contribute to knowledge formulation? What is knowledge? If knowledge combines experience and information translating into practical application what happens if we never get to this point? Have we lost our ability to tell the story and develop reasoning or cognition and determine the truth? Methods to accelerate time-to-knowledge and connect-the-dots (#CtheDots) of life may bring us closer together, bring hope, improve knowledge about ourselves, and ultimately bring wisdom back into our lives.

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